Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Layout Room

Here are some photos of the layout room.  Please ignore the clutter, some will be moved out of the layout room and some will go under the benchwork.

This is the separate "train room" door that leads upstairs to the layout.

Inside the door, the stairs leading up...

Stairs coming up from entry, located in middle of layout room.

Layout room looking North before starting on room finishes.

Another early view looking North.  By using roof trusses no support columns were needed.

Early view from middle of room looking South

After room finished, standing at Farmington looking North.  Blue tape on floor defines benchwork edges.

Looking North, headed towards Strong at the end of the room.  Here can see the interior walls I built to define the space.  Walls only go 7 feet high to allow air circulation space above.

A view of the early mockup for the level heights.  The top level is there to hold the layout lights illuminating the upper level.  Windows will be blocked off behind backdrop.

Interior shot of future home for Phillips

Shot of interior section of layout.  Good shot of overhead LED lights over aisles.  They dim for operating sessions.

View looking South headed for Rangeley on the lower level and Bigelow on the upper level.

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  1. That is a huge space for a pretty big layout. You for sure have the capacity to do the SR&RL right. I'm in a similar phase of finishing my basement for a layout and I also decided to go with the dimmable LED can lights. I'm not an On2 modeler, but I've done a little dabbling in On2 over the past couple years, including scratchbuilding an On2 flatcar after visiting Maine (picture: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-RI25EnLms_k/UqaeMLfNEMI/AAAAAAAAEL4/rlfG3pm7v9U/s1600/photo+1.JPG). Well, good luck on the layout. I'll check out your blog periodically for updates.