Sunday, June 1, 2014

SRRL Layout Tour Farmington to Rangeley

Last month I finished the lower level roadbed which runs from Farmington to Rangeley.  I have not yet put down any 2 foot track, only a bit of P48 track for the Maine Central in Farmington.

The decidedly low tech video above is a "helicopter flight" along the lower level's 455 feet of mainline.  The video gives an idea of the mainline, sidings and yards.  The first gap in the roadbed just north of Farmington yard is where I have to install a lift out bridge into the workshop.  Further along the line there are 3 more gaps where bridges need to be installed.  Here and there I've temporarily placed some buildings just to give the layout a bit more of a railroad look.  These buildings are from John Rogers' and Ric Collins' former layouts.  There isn't any layout lighting yet, only the light is from the overhead aisle lights.  You pass two windows on the trip which will disappear behind the backdrop later in the construction schedule.

Also along the mainline there are three branches; Madrid, Barnjum and Eustis.  While you don't see the Madrid branch on the video, you can see portions of the Barnjum branch as you approach Perham Junction and Eustis Branch between Eustis Junction and Dead River.

An interesting note on the sound track I've included...  In the late 1980's or early 1990's, I was lucky to have a cab ride during one years' Railfan Weekend at Edaville.  That day they were double heading with #8 in the lead followed by #7.  I was riding in the cab of #7 and made a video recording of the entire trip.    While there isn't any track down yet, at least the sounds are genuine Maine 2 foot.

Hope you enjoy the video.... track laying next!

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