Friday, June 8, 2018

New Blog Updates Coming


When my daughter, Shannon, established this blog for my layout back several years ago it seemed like a good idea....  At the time, she entered several posts using photos etc I already had.  Then it was left to me to update, which of course I never did.

I have been working on the layout...  perhaps I haven't gotten as far along as I should have, but I am making progress.

As most of you know, the Narrow Gauge Convention will be in Sacramento in 2019.  The hotel convention site is about 90 minutes from my house.  I'm planning on having my layout on the tour, even though it is still in it's early days.  So in the spirit of getting the layout as far along as I can before the convention comes to town, I decided I should also document the progress so far on this blog.

More about the convention in a future post.

I've got about 30 entries planned for the blog update.  The idea is to work on each of them in the evenings while watching TV and post every week or so over the next few months.

You know when convention organizers provide information on layouts for the tours they always give a few stats on the completion of the layout to help the visitor know what to expect and also decide which layouts to visit...  Well, I think my first new post will be one for "Layout Progress and Information".  It will let you know how far along the layout is and I can always update the posting as progress is made.

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